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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Integrity-- It is all that you have!

     A client company using our services called the other day.  As we were talking with the principal in the client company, we asked about our previous month's bill that had not yet been paid.  In fact, the payment was about 60 days past due.

      This firm is a large, multi state firm with offices in several states.  Bureaucracy at its finest.  The company representative that we visited with fully acknowledged that our bill had not been paid, however, it was being worked.  OK, what does that mean?

       Well, here comes the rub-- another firm did some similar work to the work that our firm accomplished for the client company.  However, the bill from the other company was about 3 times the amount that we had charged for similar work.  The company representative was working to resolve the differences-- even though the work was different, but similar.

         We pointed out that our work stood on its own merit, or in Latin, the legal phrase, Res Ipsa Loquitur was applicable.  We identified that we should be paid irregardless of the merits or challenges of the other firm.  The company representative fully understood and said that they were working on it-- our check should be in the mail in a few days.

          At the end of the day, integrity is all that you have.  If you break your integrity, you have no place else to go or anywhere to turn.  What is interesting in this example is that it not only is real, but we suspect happens more often than not.

          Don't ruin your reputation-- after all, it only takes on "hit" on your reputation to never receive another phone call again.  The other firm--not sure what will happen to them.  We are proud of our work and what we do!