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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Technology Increases Profitability!

    The demise of the cash register is here!  Smart phones, computer tablets are the new way in which to conduct a business transaction.
     Many stores in large cities, as well as small towns  have converted to IPAD's or IPOD Touch devices for credit and debit card purchases.  Wal- Mart is testing an application known as "Scan and Go", allowing you to use a device to scan items as you shop.  This allows you to walk out of the store at the end of the shopping experience without having to check out-- it has already been done for you.
      Restaurants are using tablets and IPADS to take orders from customers.  Some restaurant owners have cited that the training curve is a little longer for servers with this technology, because the server watches the tablet and does not focus on the guest!  However, once the server learns how to use the computer and still focus on the guest, the order taking time is reduced, orders are instantly sent to the kitchen for preparation and the order is served faster, without error.
      If you travel on airplanes, some air carriers have developed applications which allow you to scan your cell phone in at the kiosk to obtain your boarding pass for your flight.
      Technology also allows you to have a much better idea of your sales history, products that sale and products that take up valuable shelf space, but do not generate sales revenue.
      Nordstrom Stores has began providing its sales staff with IPODS as well.  117 department stores were provided IPODS in 2011, with more slated for delivery this year.  Nordstrom Managers see mobile as the wave of the future in retail shopping.
      Do you have a mobile computer application for your business?  If not, this may be a great time to think about it and consider upgrading your sales system for both your convenience and that of the customer.