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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Red Apple Inn and Country Club, Heber Springs, Arkansas

     The past several days, we were with clients in Arkansas.  One of the places which we stayed was the Red Apple Inn and County Club in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  What a fun time we had.  As always, people make the trip enjoyable.

       We ate our meals in the award wining dining room each day for the 2 days we were there.  We were served by Kris, Lynn, Rhonda and Sharon.  Each of these ladies was fun, excited and enthusiastic to be working at the Red Apple.  What was more exciting and interesting was that each server in the restaurant had stories to share-- about the property, about Heber Springs, about life in general.

         As we departed on the third morning, our group was given a warm send off-- we were treated like family.  We also had a good time-- the food was outstanding and the service was superb.  If you are travelling in Arkansas this year, make it a point to go to the Red Apple Inn-- it is well worth the experience.  The people were fun, exciting and interesting.