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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Taking the Train-- An Adventure in Travel

        Joe Michels, our principal in the Fort Worth office recently took the AMTRAK train from Fort Worth to Denver!  This trip, originally scheduled for 36 hours, turned into a 67 hour adventure, because the AMTRAK was delayed behind some freight trains!
         OK, no big deal, right?  Well, for some, that is right!  Others, it became a Big Deal!  Whining, crying, swearing, frustration were all evident when the train got delayed by some of the travelers.  Why?  Why do we always expect everything to happen without a glitch?

          Here is the truth-- there are always going to be glitches-- no matter how good the planning!  AMTRAK did not, intentionally, plan on the train being late.  Yes, the train was late.  We had to go to Chicago, spend a nite in the hotel and then leave the next afternoon.  Big Deal?  Well, we lost a day that we were going to spend with family-- however, we gained a day in downtown Chicago!  Was it worth it?  Well, we thought so.  Have not been in downtown Chicago in many years-- it was fun to tour again downtown on the "Miracle Mile."

          Taking the train is an adventure-- if you know and understand that, you will not have any problems.  The same can be said about life-- it is an adventure.  Some times, things don't turn out quite as you expect.  Some times, life turns out differently than you had planned.  Being able to be flexible, tolerant and accepting is the way to have fun and enjoy what life gives you.

           The next time that you do something, think of it as an adventure.  The end goal may turn out exactly as planned, however, it may also turn out with some interesting and not expected twists and turns that, in the end, provide a richer, more heterogeneous experience.  Don't get upset, ride the train and enjoy the view!