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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is It Possible?

   Dr. Joe Michels, P.E., the managing Principal in our North Texas office in Fort Worth was visiting with Jon Young, Rick Curtis and Janna Williams of HCI General Contractors in Fort Worth yesterday at a business function.  As we visited, Janna said, "Solomon Bruce answers the question, Is It Possible?"  Joe said, "Yes, that is what we do!"  We analyze the data, explore all the possibilities and determine if a business project, expansion, new product line, new staff member is possible based upon the data presented.
    Janna then astutely pointed out, "After you determine if it is possible, We Will Make it Possible!"  Now, how can you go wrong with that answer?  Solomon Bruce Consulting determines "If It is Possible" and HCI General Contractors, after knowing that it is possible, "Make it Possible!"
     With the economy on an upward trend, now is the time to see "Is It Possible?"  If the answer is YES, and many times today, it is YES, then HCI General Contractors can "Make it Possible."  HCI is headquartered here in Fort Worth, however, build projects all over the United States.  If you are thinking about a new project, no matter what the size, have Solomon Bruce Consulting LLC staff determine "Is It Possible?"  The answer may surprise you, with money at an all time low, labor and material costs down and HCI General Contractors national presence-- your new facility, no matter how large or small may be up before you know it.  Check out the HCI website at


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