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Monday, August 13, 2012

We Made a Mistake--We Will Fix It!

    Twice today, we received products that were not correct.  In one case, the function was fine, however the art work color was off, way off.  When we checked with the vendor, the words were, "Let me check and see."  A few minutes later, the vendor said that the colors were Blue and Grey.  True, however, the crux of the question was the hue.  We provided the hue colors.  Again, the vendor said, "We made a mistake-we will redo the work for free.  We made a mistake."  OK, fair enough-- the functionality of the piece was not in question, however, the color made all the difference in the world!

     The second piece was a piece of cloth for a trade show display.  As we unrolled it and placed it on the table, the table runner "gathered" at the bottom.  Our consultant asked if that was natural-- was told No, however, if ironed, it will come out.  OK, let's try ironing it.  Well, you guessed it-- that was NOT the problem.  The owner of the store came and said that they would have to redo the piece, however could not have it ready for the time when we needed it.  However, if we were willing, they would try and "modify" the piece they had made for us.  Well, we were now in a square corner-- we had no choice.  The owner was sincerely sorry for the error.  Interestingly, for those of you who sew, the "tension" on the hem seam was too tight, causing the piece to "gather" at the bottom.  How do they fix it?  Well, they only put in one hem instead of two and use less tension.  UMM, you learn something every day.

      In each case, both vendors recognized that they made an error and wanted to make it right.  In our case, we wanted the final product and were willing to pay for it.  In both cases, the world is not going to end-- we will get along with what we have.  What is exciting is that there was no hassle or extra discussion.  An error was made-- the vendor wanted to do it right and that was that!!

       If you have an error-- is there a long discussion or do you say, "No problem, we will fix it?"  Red OXX manufacturing has a NO BULL Lifetime product warranty.  NO BULL-- if the product breaks, they fix it-- no questions asked.  That was what happened here-- "No problem, we will fix it."

       How do you handle errors that are made?  Is it the NO BULL policy, like Red OXX or some other long line of discussion?


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