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Friday, July 13, 2012

This Is Really A Nice Place! I Like To Stay Here!

    I was touring the new Hilton Garden Inn Fort Worth Medical Center property the other morning with manager Jim Rickards.  A guest got on the elevator and told Mr. Rickards and I the title of the this blog!  The guest said that she had some medical procedures being performed at the nearby hospital and liked the new hotel.  Mr. Rickards beamed like a new daddy with pride and joy!
     How did this happen, you might wonder?  Well, Mr. Rickards tells me that his hotel has only been open 3 months, is ranked as the top Hilton Garden Inn in the franchise system.  However, the pride, enthusiasm and excitement were evident in everyone of the staff members that we encountered on our tour!  All of the people were excited to be part of a winning operation-- from the janitor to the chef and everyone in between.
      Engaged, excited employees who "make the brand POP" do so because they enjoy their job, enjoy their leadership and enjoy the place where they work.  We have written previously about work force environment, culture and position.  We were able to see that as we toured the hotel!  Staff were genuinely friendly, were empowered and wanted to insure that each guest has a positive guest experience.  Obviously, from the lady on the elevator, that was her experience.
       Does this happen in your business? Are your staff excited about their organization and willing to have clients, customers or guests share that same enthusiasm with you? If not, perhaps there is a challenge that you may wish to investigate!  Look hard to see what changes may be necessary so that your customers and clients tell you how they enjoy your business and the products or service which you provide.  In most cases, the changes that are needed are minor, but the results of the changes turn out to be major!  Check out your operation-- you want to hear the same things that Mr. Rickards heard on the elevator!


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