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Thursday, September 13, 2012

I am Only Going To Sell You What You Need!

        Having lunch the other day in a little cafe, one of our consultants heard this response that is our blog title today to a vendor having a business lunch with a prospective client.
         The prospective client had asked for some video monitoring equipment for his business.  As the vendor was beginning his presentation, the prospective client said, "I know that you are going to try and sell me everything that you have!"  The vendor calmly replied, "No, I am only going to sell you what you need!"
          Now, because the little cafe was real small, there was no way not to hear the conversation.  Here is what was interesting.  The prospective client was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that he was going to be "taken to the cleaners" by the vendor.  The vendor, possibly anticipating some client rejection, calmly pointed out that all he was going to sell was what the client needs really were.
          As professional business consultants, we were impressed with the response of the vendor.  "I am only going to sell you what you need!"  How many times do you give that response when a prospective client seems to object to a presentation?  We suspect not as many as you should!
           Remember, no matter what business we are in, we are all in sales.  In some form or fashion, we are all in sales.  This vendor clearly recognized that the client thought that he was going to "get hooked" on some deal.  Well, the vendor disarmed that position right away.  Interestingly, as our consultant finished his lunch, the prospective client paid close attention to the vendor and how he proposed to solve the clients' need.
          Interestingly, how do you respond  when a client appears to believe that you are going to "Sell me Everything that you have?"  Our consultants are trained to respond as this vendor did-- never allow the client to think that he/she is being taken advantage of in a sales situation. Often times, the client will end up buying more product than he normally anticipated.  Not because he was "pressured" by the vendor, but because he/she understood the products that the vendor was selling.  Think about this the next time you are in a tough sales environment.  The response "I am only going to sell you what you need" are critical words!


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