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Monday, April 13, 2015

Fun is the key to success!

     We recently spent part of the week at a function in College Station, Texas-- the home of Texas A&M University!

      No matter where we went, what ever functions and events we attended, everyone was enjoying themselves and having fun!  Now, this is Texas and fun is a key part of being in Texas.  However, here is what we observed-- it made no difference if we were watching the Masters in the Bar, The Chi Omega had a 40 year reunion (they did), the Nuclear Engineering Society was having a national conference (they were), the disabled society was having a dinner in which everyone wore a blindfold to emulate how it looks when you don't have eye sight-- everyone seemed to have a great time.

       We were there to attend an honor's banquet for the Industrial and Systems Engineering department at Texas A&M.  This event attracted 180 individuals-- alumni, faculty, emerti faculty, retired faculty, students, both undergrads and graduate students, post doctoral researchers, everyone!  Everyone was excited to be a part of the event.

       One of the fun places to have lunch or dinner was at Mickey's Sliders.  If you have not been there, go!  You will have fun.  Talk to Miller, the manager!  Miller is a great dude-- and can he make sliders!  Check it out!


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