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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Job Opportunities Abound-- We Know Where They Are!

     Recently, we were asked about new job opportunities for recent graduates of college, as well as individuals who are changing careers.  Interestingly, there are many opportunities out in the field, however, they may not be where you might think!

       We have said previously that one can stand on his/her head for 2 years if they have to.  Today, that is the case in many opportunities.  There are many new opportunities available, may not be exactly where you wish to locate, however, you should not plan on spending the rest of your life at the location either.

        Last week, we were in Central and Southern Arkansas.  Yes, there are many jobs available in these locations, however, the location is Central and Southern Arkansas!  Is this bad?  Well, we don't think so, however, the job locations are more rural than urban and the recreational activities consist of a lot of outdoor activities, primarily fishing and hunting, with some golf.

         No, the big malls are not available.  Each down in the catchment area has stores-- may not be the Wal Mart Super center, however, most have those!

          What is interesting is that the jobs are exciting, interesting and pay well.  Now, if you are from this area, probably not a problem.  If you come from New York City, then perhaps, there might be a cultural shock to go to Central Arkansas!

            The fun part is that this is a new experience-- there is a lot going on and you can learn a lot.  Sometimes, the real opportunities are wrapped in wrappers that appear to be undesirable.  However, once you peal the wrapper back and see what is inside-- the surprises abound.

           Remember, you can never a judge a book by its cover!  Take a look-- there are some great opportunities in Arkansas, Texas, and everywhere.  Go find them-- if you are struggling, call us-- we know where they are!


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