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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Philanthropic Giving at Christmas Time

     Today, we helped support the Southside Christmas Store at the Southside Church of Christ here in Fort Worth, Texas.  Steve Cloer is the preaching minister at this church.

      The store supported 300 children with basic necessities as well as a toy, game or ball for Christmas.  These are children that,  through no fault of their own, would not have anything for Christmas if it were not for folks who are interested in sharing the many bountiful blessings that they have.

        Solomon Bruce Consulting LLC is a strong supporter of community efforts in a wide variety of philanthropic areas, especially in those areas which focus on literacy, homelessness and teen age pregnancy.  We strongly believe that help and support in those areas will aid and assist those individuals who are less fortunate.

         The entire multi purpose room at Southside was full of gifts that the children and parents could "shop" for.  Maintaining a strong sense of dignity, developing relationships and sharing a kind word are all goals for this inner city church ministry.  The joy that we witnessed was overwhelming!!!  Many folks said that if it were not for this outreach program that Southside Church of Christ has, their children would have nothing for Christmas.

          One of the parents that was a helper told Joe Michels, our managing principal in the Fort Worth office that her daughter had no idea that children less fortunate than her had less than her.  This mother said that when she heard that, she knew that she wanted to become involved and show her children what others less fortunate had to deal with.

           The holiday times are meant to be joyous, caring and loving.  We at Solomon Bruce Consulting are happy that we are able to aid and assist in community programs that benefit those less fortunate.


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