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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Continuing Saga of the new Cell Phone!

     Our firm replaced all consultant cell phones with the new Blackberry Z10's.  We had Blackberry's before, were very happy with them and were excited when the new products were released.  We understood that with new technology comes new challenges!  Wow-- have we found that out!

       Our first replacement cell phone lasted all of 13 hours.  The battery would not charge, the phone would not work.  Took it back to the cell phone store--.  After a four hour hassle with 4 different customer service "specialists", we left with a new phone, charger and battery.  All appeared to be fine.
        Fast forward 3 weeks later, now the phone quits-- in the middle of the morning after what the charge indicator on the battery said was a full charge.  Now, nothing worked!  Again, back to the store.  The answer this time was that we will order you a new battery.  No-- let's have a 3rd new phone.  Well, we cannot do that.  Well, why not?  Well......................................................  never got an answer.  The solution that was arrived at was the battery was dead, we'll replace the battery.  You will get it in a couple of days.  No, let's have a new phone.  UMMM-- well, we don't like doing that.  Well, we really did not care what they liked doing, we wasted another 3 hours at the cell phone store.  We have a new battery-- no reason to replace the phone if the battery is bad.  OK, I understand that logic-- troubleshoot the simple items first.  The phone is working-- the question is how long?  I hope indefinitely.

         Interestingly, we had to go through 5 Blackberry Bold's before we got one that worked.  When we finally got one that worked, a remanufactured one, it worked well.  However, we had to get 4 others that did not work before we got one that worked. 

          Why stay with Blackberry is the question?  Well, it is a great Canadian company and their products are rock solid-- not sure why we have had bad luck, however, once they get going, they do well.

          The customer service at the cell phone store was OK.  With horrible service the first two times and a letter to the CEO of the company, I am not sure that anything really changed.  We'll see how this Blackberry works!  We do like the Z-10-- it is a great device-- when it works.


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