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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mistakes are Good!

     Mistakes are good!  Oh, are they?  Why do you say that?  Let us explain.

      We had some embroidery work done on some jackets for our firm today.  The embroidery firm had the pattern we wanted and we went over the color combination on the thread about 3 times.  OK, no problem, right?  Wrong.  When the product came back from production, it was clear that 3 colors of thread were used, not the 2 that we specified.
       OK, how did this happen we asked?  Ummmm-- we did not catch it was the answer.   The machine made the mistake?  Oh, really?  Who was watching the machine?    OK-- that was not the answer we were expecting, however, that was the answer we received.  The next step was that we can redo the work.  Well, OK, sure, that can be done.  However, logistically, that was not the option that we were seeking.  So, now, what do we do?
        Well, we decided to take the garments, with the three different color threads on the logo and give it a try.  Well, why not?  The color differences are minimal, they are distinguishable to a very, very discerning eye, however, most folks would probably not catch the differences in the colors.
         Why we were willing to accept the error was simple.  To have it done over again was an option, however, we questioned the efficacy of doing that.  The truth of the matter is that it cost $7.50 to have the garment embroidered.  Sure, it only took 7 minutes to do it, however, it would probably 3 times that long to remove the wrong color thread and have the work reaccomplished.
          Another idea that came up was, give it a shot and see what others say.  Perhaps we should use a different color combination on our embroidered products and maybe three colors is good.  We don't know until we try and see.  Was there any material damage done to either the logo, the garment or our image?  We don't think so.  However, we won't know until we display the logo out in public.  When you see our consultants out the next few weeks, look closely at their logo wear.  See if you can see any differences in the logo colors.  If so, identify it to the  consultant.  He/she will buy you lunch at your choice of dining establishment!
          What we learned in this glitch was that perhaps, we need to try other color patterns.  We may need to try other ideas.  We won't know if they work until we try, so, we tried here!  See our consultants out and about.  Look at the logo wear.  If the logo wear colors are different, identify that, and you have a free lunch.  How can you go wrong?


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