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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Bill is Less Than What We Had Agreed To!

   I bought a new car from Bill Dee, Dee Motors in Anaconda, Montana last week.  I had been referred to him by a neighbor who has bought many cars from Mr. Dee.  My neighbor told me that he knew Mr.
Dee well and that I would get a great deal.
   The deal I got was great-- in fact, it was better than a big Mega Dealer in Northern Idaho was able to provide.  What was most interesting was when I went to get the car, Mr. Dee told me that the price was lower than we had agreed upon.  Now, how could this be?  Well, the short story was that a computer glitch caused the price to be lower.  My question was to Mr. Dee was, "Why did you not keep the money and say no more?"
    Here was his answer-- He told me that his dad had started the dealership in 1946.  Integrity, trust and honesty were the hallmarks of the dealership.  His dad was willing to take a loss on a car as long as there was never a question about his integrity, trust or honesty.  Bill told me that was how he was raised and how he ran the dealership today.  WELL-- that probably does not happen very much anymore.  At least that has been my experience.  Was I impressed?  Well, I wrote about it here-- so the answer was Yes, I was and am impressed!!
    Trust, honor and integrity are keys I used to hear in the military all of the time.  I don't hear that as much "on the outside," however, this was one experience where I heard it loud and clear.
     Think about how you would handle this matter in your business.  There is a right way and another way-- only you, the business owner can decide what is right for you and your business.  For me, I was impressed with Mr. Dee and how he handled it.  If you need a great deal on a car, go see Bill Dee in Anaconda, Montana.  I did and could not be more pleased.


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