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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Award Winning Cinnamon Rolls

   I was in central Montana the other day and saw a sign for "Award Winning" cinnamon rolls.   This looked interesting, so I followed the sign to the bakery where the cinnamon rolls were sold!  Well, yes, they were very, very good-- as was all of the bakery products.  I asked who presented the award.  The answer from the baker, "We won it at the County Fair!" 
   Now, I was in Central Montana for several days and every day, I stopped and ate an Award Winning cinnamon roll or other bakery treat at this bakery!  The people were friendly, the environment was fun and the food was outstanding!  How could you go wrong?
   What I was impressed about was that the "Award" was from the County Fair!  How novel and unique.  Now, you could do the same thing your business-- the award could come from the Chamber of Commerce, your local, state, national trade association or any host of other groups.  What this business did was take a bona fide award, market it to their clients and generate business traffic!  It worked for them with me.  I bet that you can do the same thing and have it work for you.  Remember, no idea is too silly or sophomoric!  The more unique the idea, the better!  Give it a shot-- nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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