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Sunday, June 26, 2011

You Get What You Pay For!!!!

  I was visiting with a client last week and he told me about this "wonderful deal" he received some on some equipment he purchased for his business!!  I was happy to hear about his good deal-- however, a few days later I saw him again.  This time he was not near as joyous about his new purchases!  Of course, I wanted to know why?  Well, you can guess the answer-- you get what you pay for!

   In this particular case, he bought some equipment for his business.  Although the deals were good initially, the reason they were good was the fact that the equipment was of poor quality and broke down frequently.  What appeared to be a good deal turned out to be a bad deal in the end!  It costs no more to go "First Class" in the beginning and be done with spending money.  Yes, it will cost more initially, however, the life cycle cost is much lower, giving you greater value and return for your money.  You do get what you pay for--remember that the next time that you think about buying something.


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