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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Makes Me Not Want To Give!

   I was visiting with a client the other day regarding philanthropic giving.  This business is located in a community that has a strong philanthropic base.  Many people like to give-- and give very generously to any wide variety of causes-- the train depot, the mountaintop park, the merry go round situated downtown, support for the local hospitals and educational facilities including parochial schools.
   As I was visiting with my client, he said that his business is asked, almost daily about giving a piece of merchandise for various fund raising events.  Now, this client's business is a very generous community supporter.  The business is well established in the community and the owner is actively involved in the communities many service clubs, business associations, chamber of commerce and schools.
    What my client indicated is that he rarely, if ever, hears THANK YOU for the support that he has provided to whatever organization is asking for a donation.  Yes, the form letter signed by machine sometimes arrives a couple of weeks after the event, however, he told me rarely, if ever, does the executive director, foundation president or event chairman stop by the business and give a personal thanks.
    As I left, his comment made me think.  Why would it be so hard to stop by and say THANKS if this or any business gave you a nice donation for your fund raising event?  Is it that we have forgot about gratitude?  Is it too much time and trouble to "go out of our way" to stop and say THANKS for the donation that was given for your event?
    I have been involved in a wide variety of community events for many years.  Even when I lived in Washington DC, with all of the traffic and challenges of many million people, I never found it that difficult to personally stop by and tell the business owner THANKS for their support for a cause that I felt passionate about.
    Think about it-- when was the last time that you said THANKS, in person and with sincerity to a business owner who gave you something for your event?  If you cannot remember, go back and do it, thinking nothing about why it was not done before.  Just do it, Nike's slogan-- you may be amazed at how simple gratitude today begets greater gratitude tomorrow.


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