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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do Your Employees Know Your Corporate Values?

    I read in the paper the other day about a business that has been cited by federal regulators for failure to comply with federal regulatory rules.  Now, this is not uncommon in any business that has federal regulations which must be followed, however, this business was cited with several deficiencies, that required resolution.
    When visiting with another client, I asked him if his staff, of which he has approximately 60 full time staff members, knew what his mission, vision and purpose values were.  I conjectured that probably 23-30% of his staff may not know them.  He told me that he would agree with my conjecture.
     As we discussed this matter, my client told me that one of his key goals this business year was to insure that his staff has a better understanding of the corporate goals, visions and mission of the organization.  He also told me that he was going to become more involved in helping his staff achieve their personal goals, be it education, better financial management, etc.
      Goal attainment in any organization, be it large or small, is a function of constant communication between the leader and all team members.  If you don't continually and constantly visit with your team members, preferably every day, it will not take long before the team will "forget" what they are really here to do.  Oh, the task will get done, however, it may not be in the manner in which you had hoped it to be completed. 
     Have a team meeting at least weekly-- does not have to be long, however, long enough so that everyone knows where we are going for the upcoming day, week, etc.  The differences will surprise you!


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