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Monday, August 3, 2015

Solid Business Results Often Depend on Human Interaction

Today’s modern business world is based on technology.  Computers, video cameras, smart phones, tablet computers, lap top computers, the Internet of Things are all tools that we did not possess, let alone understand well a decade ago. 

Today, each of these marvels controls and impacts our daily lives in a wide variety of ways that we never envisioned.  However, this proliferation of technology has not changed is the key role of live interactions and human relationships.

As human beings, we crave interaction with others.  Talking, sharing, caring, feeling, shaking hands, touching and hugging are all natural interactions.   When someone does not know how to engage another human and doesn’t understand the inextricable aspects of these human qualities, we actually can and must teach those skills.

One company we work bans any type of electronic device in their morning “Stand Up” meetings.  The meetings, conducted with attendees literally “Standing Up.”  Each lasts about 30 minutes and provides a strategic model for company leaders and staff for the day.  It’s done standing up so they present the material that is both topical and germane, then get out and go to work!  The concept has been very successful. No time is wasted. Everyone knows what is going on in the company that day. And most importantly, people must interact on a personal level without electronic intervention!  Leaders find that talking to someone in person actually obliterates preconceived prejudices and biases.  Talking is an active process. So more actions occur, and real work results! 

The bottom line (and a good one to stand on!) is increased efficiency and profitability.

We’ve got more good ideas for you to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. If you’d like to make the most of your humans, give us a call.  Let’s chat!  We can help.  Call 817-386-3032.


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