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Monday, October 6, 2014

How Do You Know So Much About Me? Are You Introducing Me Today?

     At a recent Rotary meeting, our Principal in our Fort Worth office, Joe Michels, was talking to the guest speaker prior to the meeting.  As they talked, the guest speaker said, "How Do You Know So Much About Me?"  Well, the answer was obvious, Joe had read the speakers' biography that was posted in the clubs weekly newsletter!

       Here is what is interesting-- Joe had a friend that attended the same law school as the guest speaker.  They were both at the law school at about the same time, so it was easy to begin the conversation with the guest speaker, asking if the speaker knew Joe's friend.  Well, as it turns out, he did not.  The speaker thought that perhaps he attended the law school a few years earlier than Joe's friend!

         Another Rotary member who was at the same table said that meeting new people was the hardest thing for him to do, however, because he had moved several times, he just had to take the initiative and meet new folks.

          As hard as it is to meet new individuals, reviewing their backgrounds, common interests and some common bonds before you meet them goes a long way in beginning a fruitful relationship!  Go to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any of the other social media platforms and review the background of the individual before you go visit.  At least you know a couple of key points about the individual.  Knowing those key points will allow the door to be opened and the beginning of a fruitful conversation to occur.


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