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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Drive By Baptism

     Steve Cloer, the Preacher at the Southside Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas preached an excellent sermon on baptism this morning.  Steve is an excellent pulpit preacher, had a full house and had strong biblical foundations in his message.

      He told the story of an individual who came to the church and NEEDED to be baptized--NOW!  One of the ministers visited with the individual.  The visit went well, but the individual insisted on getting baptized, NOW!  OK, the minister was ready, willing and able-- they took the individual to the baptistery in the church, told the individual to dress in the baptismal gown and get ready.  The individual elected to put the baptismal gown OVER all of his clothes, shoes, coat, everything.  Steve said that the minister told him that everything was going to get wet-- in fact, soaked.  OK, said the individual, what is wrong with that?  Well, nothing said the minister, as long as you understand that you will be getting soaked and they had no dry clothes to give.  Not a problem said the individual! 

       The minister took the individual into the baptistery,  and baptized the individual.  Steve said that the individual came out of the water, took of the baptismal gown and ran out the door, soaking wet, not wanting to know any more about what had just transpired.  Steve said that he and the other minister prayed that the individual would not get ill from wearing the wet clothes!

         This is a true story!  As we listened this morning, a point to consider is how often do business people make decisions, carry through with them and then don't fully explore the consequences of the decision which they just made?

           Do you do something, take an action, spend some fiscal resources, add a new product line and then, once taking the action, do not go further and understand what you did or how the action that you took may be beneficial to you?  If that is the case, give our firm a call.  We can help!  Like the minister illustrated above, we can help explore what you wish to do and explore the various options that may arise from any one action.  Sometimes, the actions that might occur may be different than what you originally envisioned!


At May 15, 2014 at 2:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful story and insightful comparison to business owners that make decisions without thinking through of all of the consequences!

This really makes great sense-- you guys are really, really smart and insightful.


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