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Monday, November 14, 2011

I Love it HERE!

   I went to the Dentist the other day and the dental hygienist told me that "She Loved it HERE" as she was cleaning my teeth!  Today, you don't find very many people that are open and honest about why they like their jobs or their boss.  I had to know more.
   So, I asked her why she liked working for this particular dentist.  Here is what she said--- We work as a team, She was a respected team member, she enjoyed her other team members and the doctors in the practice actively sought and respected her opinions about various dental cases as the patients were been seen by the doctor.
    The hygienist also told me that she had worked for another doctor who always screamed and yelled every day.  She said his work was very, very good, however, the working environment for staff members was real difficult-- to the point where she decided to leave and find another opportunity-- which she did!
    How is your work environment?  Can you honestly say that your staff/team members would say, "I Love it it Here?"  That is a question that needs some heavy duty thinking--- but as the business owner, you are the one who needs to do the thinking!  Our experience with many businesses, both large and small is that I seriously doubt that most folks can say, "I Love it Here."  If that is the case in your business, you need to find out why.  In some cases, you can never please everyone.  However, in other cases, some changes may be all that is required to increase the satisfaction and joy that staff members feel about working in your firm.
    Think about this carefully-- there are probably some things that you could change that will aid and assist your firm in ways that you may never have considered.  Ask the staff-- they will tell you what is eating at them and how it can be fixed.  In most cases, small changes will result in large returns in increased staff satisfaction and increased profitability.


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