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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'll Fix It!

  That was the answer I received the other day when I took some material back to a printer that I had just used.  We needed some more printing material, I was given a recommendation from an acquaintance about a printer that he said was good, so I thought that I would give them a try.
   I took the material to their office and the owner reviewed the material I had.  He gave me a price for the work.  I took it home, reviewed his price and told him to begin the work.  I emailed him the file of the material.  A week later, I received a phone call and was told that the truck would deliver the material that day.
    I was excited!!  Using a new business is always fun, you get to meet some new people and see how somebody else does something.  However, when I opened the box of material, the color for one of the parts of the document appeared to be black, not blue.  I thought that perhaps, maybe it was a real dark blue-- which it may have been, however, to me, it looked black.  Whatever the case, it was not what I could use.
    Not being sure what challenges might lie ahead, I took the product back to the vendor.  I showed him the original document and what we got.  Of course, there was no disputing that the colors were different. 
    This business owner said, "I'll fix it!  You are right, it is blue on the computer, but it is real dark blue here!  Maybe the computer shifted it."  I said, "OK, you'll fix it, right?  The owner said, "Oh yes, this is a horrible way to begin a relationship!"  I said, "No problem, I just need the right color of the document."
     Now, this was a very pleasant experience of fixing a glitch.  This individual really understand customer service and customer care.  I did not get any litany of excuses, I was just told, "I'll fix it!".
     The question that always come up is how do you handle a matter like this?  Would it have been this pleasan and easy, or would there have been a greater challenge?  I know how I would have done it-- just like this business owner did it, "I'll fix it!"
      The next time that you have a glitch, remember this business owner.  Would I recommend him again?  Well, I think so.  I don't have the final product back, however, I do understand how glitches occur-- after all, we are all human and make mistakes!


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